• RFID Reader - 125Khz

This RFID Reader is a based on OPAMP as analog front end chip. It uses no dedicated RFID Ic's.

A microcontroller is used to decode the data and send the same through its UART.

Direct TTL output helps interfacing any microcontroller with out any RS232 circuit.

Optional 232 output which is not populated can be used in future using simple MAX232 circuit in case if we directly need to connect to a PC/Laptop.

Any custom changes can be made as per the requirement.

  1.  LED & Buzzer output on card detection.
  2.  Serial output works on 9600 baudrate.
  3.  6-10Cm working range.
  4.  +5V Operating Voltage.

Data Format - $0003385615CRLF (Example)

$ - Header indicates the starting of the data.
CR - Carriage Return.
LF - Line Feed.

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RFID Reader - 125Khz

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