This module is useful to playback high quality audio files (mp3 format).  Its easy to select which files needs to play using serial commands. The module supports addressing up to 25245 audio files. The audio files are stored in mp3 format in USB pendrive thus giving high quality and higher number of files. The module supports stereo pre-output and mono power out. A speaker can be connected directly to the board. The entire system operates on 5V.

If the total number of audio file is not more than 8 then can use hardware control by simply giving pulse using external MCU.

The module supports up to 99 folders with folder name 01 to 99 and each folder can store up to 255 files with names in 3 digit format like 001 to 255.

Command Support:

Volume Control

Equaliser Selection

Folder & Song Selection

Operating Voltage : 5V

BaudRate : 9600

This product can be customized as per need.

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USB Audio Playback Module - UART

  • Brand: Circuits World
  • Product Code: CW-ES-010
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  • Rs.500.00