• USB Data Logger - UART To PenDrive

This USB-Host acts as a data logger with serial interface. Files can be read as well as write in the pendrive. It is very useful to create a text file or a csv file in a pendrive and write any data in to it. The module uses simple AT commands to read or write a file. Support appending file in writing so that data can be written continuously. Any simple MCU with UART interface can do the complex job of file creation, reading / writing using this module.

The ultra compact size of the unit (2.5cm X 2.5cm) makes it suitable to add in to your existing device. In addition to LED indicators additional outputs are provided for USB device removal detection and data ready signal to the external MCU for user convenience.

Operating Voltage : 5V
BaudRate : 9600

Read Procedure:

1. AT+SKIPC=$00$00$0D - Skip number of characters.

2. AT+RNCHR=$01$F4$0D - Read number of characters.

3. AT+RFILE=/TF001.TXT$0D - Reads the file content.

4. AT+RFILE=/F01/001.TXT$0D - Reads the file content inside a folder (F01 is folder name).

Write Procedure:

1. AT+WBUFF="Line Continuation"$0D or AT+WBUFF="This Is New Line"$0A$0D

2. AT+WFILE=/CW001.TXT$0D - Creates a text file CW001.txt in root

   AT+WFILE=/F01/ES099.TXT$0D - Creates a text file ES099.txt inside folder name F01. (if there is no folder then it cannot create a new folder).

3. Maximum Buffer length is 50 bytes.

Note : This product doesn't come with pendrive. You have to purchase pendrive separately.

This product can be customized as per need.

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USB Data Logger - UART To PenDrive

  • Rs.900.00

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