• USB Keyboard Decoder - UART Output

This USB-Host accepts keyboard connected to it and decodes the keystrokes and outputs through serial port. Any standard USB keyboard is supported. This module is highly useful in connecting a USB keyboard to your product to give inputs. The ultra compact size of the unit (2.5cm X 2.5cm) makes it suitable to add in to your existing device. In addition to LED indicators additional outputs are provided for USB device removal detection and data ready signal to the external MCU for user convenience.

Outputs 1 or 2 Bytes Format.

Ascii characters without special function keys gives 1 byte output. Ex: when pressing key "a" it outputs  0x61.

Ascii characters with special function keys (Ctrl / Alt ) gives 2 bytes output. 1st byte being special function key and 2nd byte gives ascii output.

Shift key works asusual.

Capslock key toggles between uppercase and lowercase.

All the 3 Led's (Capslock, Numlock, Scrollock) works.

Other keys like F1-F12, Insert, Home, PageUp, PageDn, Delete, End each gives a predfines unique byte value which is in the non ascii range.

Operating Voltage : 5V
BaudRate : 9600

Note : This product doesn't come with keyboard. You have to purchase keyboard separately.

This product can be customized as per need.

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USB Keyboard Decoder - UART Output

  • Rs.900.00

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